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[1] Pick a tour around London on a Hop-on-Hop off bus. See


Planned Post Event Tour. Providing the weather is good, we will meet in The Foyer of Great Hall at 14:30 and go go for a tour of London. The tour involves a journey on a Hop-on Hop-off bus along the ‘Essential Route - see below - blue route’ and an opportunity of a Thames river cruise. We will start off at bus station 23 and you may wish to stop at bus station 29 and take a riverboat ride back to Westminster station 32 and take a bus ride back to the Strand. You may also prefer to go on a different route, hop on and hop off at any of the stops and enjoy sightseeing and taking pictures of London beautiful attractions.


To prepare for this tour please bring along a coat, scarf, gloves and woolly hats.


Reduced price for this tour is £20. Please pay in cash at the conference registration desk by 1:45pm on the Saturday 12th Nov.

[2] Take a stroll around Covent Garden and do some x-mas shopping


[3] See a theatrical show at the West End!


[4] Do something else. Lots to do. See

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